Meet Kerri:   When you do, it will likely be over a glass of wine, sharing stories about yourselves, and having a few laughs. This may seem laid back and fun (and it IS!), but Kerri’s wheels are turning from the moment you meet, and she is already starting to put together the pieces to create an event for you that you will never forget.  What you see in Kerri is a true respect for her craft.  Her innate talent for floral design and décor, combined with her passion for life and work leads her to treat your event as her own, from start to finish.

Clients come to Allow Me for Kerri’s attention to detail, her intuitive understanding of her clients’ specific needs, and her personable style that puts others at ease when they need it most. Her history of work in the New York area has kept her at the forefront of both what is fashionable and classic in her efforts to personalize an event. Clients have referred to Kerri as a “genius,” as an “artist,” and as a new friend.